LT Services is proud to provide the forms below for your use free of charge.  We cannot guarantee that a particular form is appropriate to your situation.  These forms are prepared to meet state law requirements only.  Many tenancies have additional requirements regarding the form, content, time, or manner due to local ordinances or the terms of your lease.

The information and forms contained on this website are not a substitute for legal advice.  Under most circumstances, we can select, prepare, and serve the correct notice using our low set-fee schedule.

Eviction Notices

Residential Tenancies (state law required notices):

Fourteen Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate the Premises (NEW)

Eviction Resolution Program Notice (must accompany pay or vacate notice)

Ten Day Notice to Comply or Vacate (New)

Notice of Payment Plan Offer (revised form coming soon)


Notice of Termination of Tenancy (revised form coming soon)

Notice of Abandonment

Notice of Intent to Enter to Inspect/Make Repairs/Show the Premises

Notice of Default for Rent and/or Payment Plan Ordered by Court

Notice of Storage at Execution of Writ of Restitution (for use after a physical eviction only)

Notices issued in the Cities of Seattle and Federal Way must include additional statements regarding particular landlord-tenant regulations. See the applicable city's website for additional details.