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Start a New Eviction

To start a new eviction with LT Services, complete our New Matter Intake form and send it to us by email with your supporting documentation.

Why Set Fees?

Set fees are flat, fixed costs for each step in the eviction process, giving you predictability and flexibility.  Set fees mean that you always know exactly what your eviction has cost to date.  If your tenant wants to pay and you want to accept it, you can tell him or her exactly what to pay to cover your legal expenses without waiting for a quote or estimate.  When your case is over, you can immediately add legal costs to your move-out statement without waiting for a monthly bill.  Set fees mean you never worry about the exact amount of hourly charges or whether this or that phone call is costing you money.

Residential and Multi-Family
Residential and Multi-Family

We know multi-family.  We know single family.  We know that the type of property you own or manage makes a big difference in the solutions that work best for you.  Whether you have a noisy tenant in a mid-rise apartment or an illegal grow operation in a single family home, we are here to help.  Of course, most evictions are about non-payment, but isn't it nice to know that when something strange happens, LT Services understand your business and is ready to provide the services you need?

Commercial Rental Property
Commercial Property


We provide set-fee eviction services for commercial properties as well.  We do not know of any other firm that uses the set-fee model for commercial properties.  Our set fees include all the services necessary for a commercial case, including review of your lease to ensure you send the right notice in the right way.

Our staff and attorneys have many years of experience with every type of commercial property.  Whether you own an office building, a warehouse, a mall, or anything else, we have handled your type of property before.

Post-Foreclosure Eviction Services

We have been providing foreclosure eviction services since long before the subprime mortgage crisis.  We have experience dealing with the now-expired Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act and ESB 5810, which protects Washington residential tenants.  We have attorneys that are licensed in federal court and bankruptcy court; they are ready to help you navigate whatever tactics the former owner or his occupants use to try and stop you from getting possession of your property and moving forward with your business.

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