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Formerly known as L/T Services, Inc., we have over 35 years of experience in landlord-tenant relations.  LT Services provides set-fee services to Western Washington landlords.  We exclusively represent owners and managers of rental property.  As a part of Cutting Law Office PC, we also offer full service legal representation that covers every aspect of your relationship with your tenants.

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TRENDS Trade Show

The PNW Property & Innovations TRENDS Conference is November 17. The conference and trade show is 100% virtual. Christopher Cutting will present on how to collect debts from former tenants. Learn more and buy tickets using the link below.

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SCOTUS Blocks Self-Certifications

In Chrysafis v. Marks, the Supreme Court blocked a New York statute that allowed tenants to stay their eviction based on a self-certification of financial hardship. The tenant may still receive this relief by providing admissible evidence of the harm. Seattle has a similar ordinance that is potentially also invalidated by this precedent.