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Washington Evictions

About Us

L/T Services, Inc. was founded over 40 years ago as an alternative to costly law firm evictions. We changed the business model by using volume to push down costs. Our knowledgeable staff and attorneys strive to provide clients with the fastest and most economical results available. We resolve your dispute and get you back to work. Our non-attorney staff prepare your documents and keep you updated while our attorneys oversee your case and represent you in court.

In 2017, LT Services joined Cutting Law Office PC. With these new resources available, LT Services is expanding the variety and improving the quality of services we provide while keeping our set-fee model. LT Services will never charge you an hourly rate. Every service we provide comes with a set-fee that we can quote you before you decide to request service. In late 2018, we began offering set-fee garnishments.

Just as many notices do not lead to an eviction case, many cases do not result in removing your resident. We are dedicated to using the law to get you the best possible result. Our prices may be one-size-fits-all, but our services are customized to your needs every time. More than 99% of the cases we start remain on our set fees to conclusion. If an unexpected issue arises which requires services outside our set-fee model, we will assign you to work directly with an attorney at Cutting Law Office.

If you would like a copy of our rate sheet or have questions about what we can do for you, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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