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Submit a New Matter

Your Contact Info:

Some of your contact info will appear on the notice(s) and other documents we serve on your tenant and provide to the court. For example, we will use the address you provide as the location where your tenant can send rent payments and/or proof of compliance. Washington landlords are required to have an address in Washington State where tenants can make rent payments, sent requests for repairs, and send other communications. Rarely, we may send documents to you using this address as well.

*LT Services provides representation limited to the matter you submit using this form. We do not provide general advice or representation. We will not evaluate whether this is the best notice or type of action for your objective. If you wish to receive advice as to the best notice or type of action, you may request a consultation with one of our attorneys at that attorney’s hourly rate.  All information displayed on the LT Services website is informational and shall not be deemed as legal advice. Until an attorney-client relationship has been established, no information you provide is privileged or confidential.

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